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Hier eine Liste mit Anti Spam Software (für alle Unbelehrbaren)

Postal Inspector for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002 3.0
Anti-spam software for Outlook
When my inbox started filling up with more spam than legitimate email I knew it was time for an answer.It was time to Say Goodbye to Spam! I looked at POP email filters that required me to open their program before I opened Outlook, or even worse took over as my email client. I even looked at changing my email address. But why should I change the way I use email? I finally found the POSTAL INSPECTOR for Outlook. I installed it and it ran quarantining 99% of all the spam in my inbox in seconds, I didn't have to change anything.

SpamTUNNEL 0.1 spam filter with a self teaching algorithm
With SpamTunnel is a tool for filtering spam. It features a filtering rate of over 80% without using any blacklists or whitelists and without any false positives. It uses a self-teaching algorithm. Its proxy-like design obviates the need to change your mail client or mailing habits or download your mail twice. SpamTUNNEL also strives to remain completely unobtrusive.

MailMarshal SMTP Spam prevention utility
Spam Prevention for Corporate Networks. MailMarshal SMTP is an enterprise-level email content security and control product. Content Security is about monitoring and controlling the electronic data entering or leaving an organization. MailMarshal provides server-based solutions to the key issues in this area.
MailMarshal SMTP is designed to screen out email threats such as viruses and spam, while providing a checkpoint for confidential data, defamation, profanity or other forms of email misuse that may potentially harm business reputation.

InboxCop 9.4.4f copy Spam filter/blocker
The first spam filter to support these hosts and clients in one product:
AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Hotmail, POP3, IMAP
Outlook & Outlook Express
Netscape & Mozilla
Eudora, Incredimail, Pegasus, others
InboxCop uses thousands of filter rules, up-to-date blocked lists of known spammers, plus Baysian filters that learn over time.

Spam Vaccine 1.3 Protects web pages from unwanted email
Spam Vaccine helps Web site owners reduce spam.
Spam Vaccine protects you from "spambots," programs that hunt for email addresses on the Web. When a spambot finds your Web site, it steals your email address. Spambots can be a huge source of unwanted junk mail.
Spam Vaccine stops spam by "vaccinating" email addresses that appear on Web pages. Vaccinated addresses show up normally in any Web browser but they are invisible to spambots. Customers and friends see your email address, but the spambots see nothing. So you get less spam.

Spamfire 1.6.2 Spam protection & revenge
Spamfire is an anti-spam filter that removes unwanted commercial and pornographic email. Works with any standard email account and any email software, including Outlook Express.

Ashampoo IP Spam Blocker 1.00 Get rid of advertising IP messages
A growing number of Internet users are complaining about a new kind of popup advertising windows that suddenly appear on their screens. This new kind of spam, known as ?IP spam? or ?net spam?, is generated through the internal Windows messaging service, which is actually a tool provided to enable network administrators to send messages to multiple users via the network.

SpamStalker 3.03 Removes your address from email spam list SpamStalker is a tool to help you fight email spam! It works like no other software... by helping remove you from spam lists! It works by simply replying to spam messages and telling either the automated spaming software or user that your email address is not a valid/working email address.

STEVEN 4.0b Anti-spam tool
(STEVEN) is here... (STEVEN) is a completely newly designed anti-spam system that eliminates spam from getting to a persons email box.

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